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How To Make Your Dog Training Business Grow

"Statistics reveal that in their first 2 years, 87 % of dog trainers quit the profession. Why?
Since they're not earning enough profit which implies that they don't have enough clients.
Work with our experienced experts to support your current team.
We'll set you up for success so you can trustfully shape the company of your dreams. Moreover, with our digital marketing services, we can save you time and money so you can focus on your business."


Are the commands you use to train your dogs.
How about if you knew the commands to train your business, get insights and achieve accountable sales? Have you ever thought about such a thing?

Well don't worry, SEO Traffic Spider's Digital marketing techniques and commands will improve your business just like we did for Citizen Canines.

Dog Training eBook To Promote Your Business Online

You may be the Best Dog Trainer, but the world needs to know that, and with our experience we shall help you achieve your goals.
SEO Traffic Spider's knowledge in digital marketing will assist you in creating Paid Promotions and avoid some detrimental mistakes that many dog trainers make and fail to scale up to new heights and miss the opportunity to generate leads.

The Challenge
Established in 2016, Citizen Canines is a family-owned dog training service in Lake Jackson, Texas, USA. Using positive reinforcement and rewards, instead of dominance and force, certified trainer Paddy Donovan adapts principles from formal training methods into a unique, holistic program. Citizen Canines is the first, and only, All Positive Training provider in their region. After a poor experience with a local eCommerce marketing firm, expanding their digital reach and growing their business was a challenge.
Farazdak Nasrulla, a Digital Marketing Strategist and the founder of SEO Traffic Spider analysed the problems and established relevant and secure ways to turn the business around. 

The Solution 
To expand their digital reach and grow their business, they knew they needed a professional. So, Citizen Canines Business Manager, Amy Donovan, partnered with SEO Traffic Spider.
First, the company’s website was reviewed, and showed Amy ways to improve its flow. Analyzing their traffic, they discovered mostly one-time visitors, who left after just a few seconds concluded that the site needed much more content.
Next, we assessed the Citizen Canine’s Facebook Page. We added images that sharpened up the page’s look, instructing Amy to remove irrelevant links and develop content that “tells a story.” We encouraged asking happy customers for reviews. With inexpensive Facebook ads to target users within a 30 mile radius of the business, we drew in more page likes and shares.

Turning back to the website, we introduced Amy to easy and free online design tools to create professional graphics. Industry keywords were studied and analyzed for using Google Ads, establishing a paid search campaign. Setting a very conservative daily budget, we monitored and adjusted the keywords, driving Citizen Canines to the top of Google’s results page. Again, targeting a 30 mile radius, we ensured ad dollars were spent only on prospective customers' service areas. Two more search campaigns followed, then we developed a much less expensive display campaign. We closely monitored impressions, then tweaked keywords for maximum exposure.

Increase in Sale Figures
By the end of the first week, Citizen Canines signed six new customers, doubling conversions over the same week in 2019. Within the first month, sales exceeded Amy’s projections. Their conversions jumped 290% over the same period last year, for a fraction of the price paid to their previous marketing agency. With a small investment in services by SEO Traffic Spider, Citizen Canines now has the tools they need to sustain growth as they expand into nearby Houston, TX, the fourth most populous city in the US. 

Every Challenging situation in your business gives you an opportunity to review, resolve and gain insights into your business strategy which initiates room for improving sales.
Citizen Canines case study is an excellent example of implementing Digital Marketing techniques, strategized by SEO Traffic Spider to reach the right audience at the right time and right location.

How can we help you?
Contact us for a free and confidential consultation for your business. Your company has the potential to grow, it just needs the right partner to help you jumpstart. With SEO Traffic Spider’s expertise and a minimum investment of USD $500 we can help you reach your target audience by creating a campaign on Google AdWords and Facebook [additional actual cost of PPC for promoting your business will be paid by you directly to Google and/or Facebook]. SEO Traffic Spider has empowered many small businesses like Citizen Canines to achieve exceptional growth by maximizing their marketing dollars. What are you waiting for?


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