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Creating a Mobile Responsive Website Design

"A checklist that you need to keep in mind when you are designing your website through a web designer. Keeping these points in mind will help you to increase website traffic!"

To have a great website, you first need to identify your target audience that you would like to cater to and the sales strategy. You would need to know wha the visitors are looking for? Who is your target customer? What is the value of each customer?
The answer to the above questions will help in the design, content and structure of your website.


Reasons why a website fails to achieve the objectives:

1. Trust Building Elements: If your website does not have trust building elements then your visitors would not trust your business as a reputable one.
If your business cannot be perceived as a reputable one then then the visitors would not like to do business with you. Now if your website has a professional design, has original content, original pictures and reviews on the content of the webpages then the trust building element is built in the minds of the visitors.

2. Mismatching Message: This happens when the message on your website does not match with the expectations of the visitor/s or the advertising that is associated to attract the potential visitors. This would result in a low ROI and a high bounce rate. Hence, it is important to understand your customer base and craft your sales strategy accordingly.

3. Shortcomings in the Website Development: Many times web designers take a shortcut while writing the code for the website which results in a high page load time, not compatible with all web browsers or mobile devices, and broken links.

At SEO Traffic Spider we ensure that we first understand your business, your customers, your goals and then we build a website that creates a good user experience and thereby increasing the sales on your website with our SEO Techniques. Our expertise is in the following areas:

1. Responsive Website Designing:
This type of a website design adapts itself to the device of each visitor be it desktop, tablet or smartphone. This design dynamically re-sizes the content and images for different screen sizes to ensure the website is effective.
The reason why this is important is because the number of mobile web usage is increasing at a rapid rate, and provides a huge opportunity. If a website is not optimized for mobile usage then a huge opportunity is been left un-touched.
Google likes a website to be a responsive website that is compatible to the device of the visitor. Our team has the expertise in building, designing and developing responsive websites that will increase traffic and conversion rates. In this way your website is now ready for the mobile web market.

2. Ecommerce Website Design:
Are your website visitors converting into customers? We at SEO Traffic Spider will make this happen by converting your ecommerce website into an effective selling tool. Our design process helps in increasing conversion rates. Integration of social media to your website in order to increase awareness and online engagement. You can also take advantage of the ecommerce content management system.

3. Content Management System - CMS:
A CMS is a software package that helps in the creation, publishing, distribution and management of online content. A CMS website is user friendly and does not require the knowledge of web designing skills. All one needs to do is put the content into the template. SEO Traffic Spider provides a scalable and robust CMS solution that is customized to your business needs. The CMS interface that we build would be flexible and intuitive.

4. W3C Validation:
From an SEO perspective, W3C validation has a whole new dimension, especially when you want your website to achieve higher ranking in the search engines for certain keywords.

Validating your website can greatly impact 2 aspects of your website – one is the user impression and the other is the search engine rankings. Let’s assume that you had a website built sometime back compatible with the Internet Explorer version 6.0 which you often use. When you see your website in this particular version of the browser, it may appear perfectly well. But let’s say your customer uses the latest version of Internet Explorer 8.0 or another browser like Firefox. What are the chances that your website will display the same way in IE 8.0 or in the Firefox browser as it was designed for IE 6.0. What would be your customer’s reaction on seeing the website open with distorted formatting, cramped up and misaligned content in their latest browser?

This is a common issue that many may face and in most instances we may tend to overlook the issue not realizing what our customers or target audience may be experiencing with the website not showing the way it was designed to be, only because it is not W3C validated. With this, you have high chances of losing your customers who would not want to return back to your site after seeing it show up unprofessionally in their browser.


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