SEO Traffic Spider - Referral Zone

"Take the advantage of SEO Traffic Spider's Referral Zone Policy, where you can enjoy the benefit of a Free Full Time Spider Subscription ..., read on to know more!"

"Our referral program is specifically designed for our existing SEO Traffic Spider customers only"

This referral program has been specifically designed so that you can benefit from the SEO Traffic Spider program. To benefit from this service, all you need to do is spread the word of mouth of your experience with the SEO Traffic Spider program among your network. Identify people who are interested in building real time traffic. If you are 100% sure that the people you have networked with would subscribe for the program then forward the lead to us.


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We will contact the lead and if the lead subscribes by opting for either a SEO Full Time Spider or SEO Part Time Spider, then your account would be credited with hours. For a SEO Full Time Spider you get 30 hours per qualified referral and for a SEO Part Time Spider you get 10 hours per qualified referral - conditions apply.

Now let us suppose that you have referred 5 SEO Full Time Spider clients. How many hours would you get? 150 hours would be your answer. SEO Traffic Spider will not give you 150 hours but give you a Free Subscription of a SEO Full Time Spider, which would be worth 160 hours.

In case of a SEO Part Time Spider, if you refer 5 SEO Part Time Spider clients, you would get a Free Subscription of a SEO Part Time Spider. That’s not all. If you refer 13 SEO Part Time Spider Clients you will get a Free Subscription of a SEO Full Time Spider.

Advantage of a Free Subscription
Once you enter the Free Subscription mode, you have 2 choices.

Choice 1: Continue subscribing to your subscription.
By using this option, you continue using your current subscription and the additional free subscription that you receive can be used by allocating more task to your SEO Full / Part Time Spider.

Choice 2: Discontinue your current subscription.
We would suggest you this option as it is most profitable to you. By using this option you don't have to subscribe anymore. This means you don't pay SEO Traffic Spider any money for subscription. Not only that, you can now use the Free Subscription that you have earned for the months to come. All you need to ensure is that the Clients that you referred continue their subscription with us.

A simple email to stating the name, email id, and the contact number of your referrals will allow us to monitor your account for the referral program.

Terms & Conditions
1. Your account will be credited with hours as long as your referrals are active clients in the SEO Traffic Spider program for the following month.

2. Maximum referrals accepted are 5 SEO Full Time Spider or 13 SEO Part Time Spider from a client per month. This is limited so that ALL our clients get to benefit from the program.

3. This offer cannot be redeemed in the form of cash.

4. Referrals credits earned cannot be transferred to anyone else.

Client X refers 1 SEO Full Time Spider Client (Robin) to us on January 10, 2008. Robin subscribes to the program on January 14, 2008. Billing and payment is verified by SEO Traffic Spider. On confirmation, work starts for Robin. Robin’s date of joining the program is January 14, 2008. Robin’s renewal will happen on February 14, 2008. If Robin remains active (does not cancel or ask for a refund) till February 14, 2008, then Client X’s account will be credited with 30 hours as a reward.

If you are not our existing customer, we request you to sign up for any of our packages and then start referring clients to us. Please enter your name and email address so that we can keep you updated on the latest events at SEO Traffic Spider.


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