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Frequently Asked Questions - General & Related to Our Services

1) What is the use of having a website if it does not get visibility?
Today a major chunk of the Internet buyers use search engines to buy products and avail services. Google itself has million searches that are performed in a day. Also, the probability of purchasers buying online using a search engine is very high when compared to traditional advertising media like television ads, radio, print ads, etc. Additionally, users usually explore the first few pages (mostly the first and second page) in the search results; therefore, obtaining a top ranking on these search results pages will make a tremendous difference in the flow of visitor traffic to your website.



2) Why is my website appearing lower in search results?
An occasional fluctuation in rankings on search results is quite possible due to various reasons. Factors such as changing content, addition of new websites, changes to the content of existing websites, changes and updates to search engine algorithms are some of the factors that can lead to changes in your existing ranking. In such cases, your site will still be there in the search engine index but would have been outranked by competitors for that specific search query or keyword.

3) How soon can I expect to see SEO results?
Once your SEO work is completed, it can take anywhere around 1 month to a few months to see measurable results. This depends on when your website gets re-indexed and subsequently re-ranked by the search engine. Unlike PPC, SEO does not bring in instant results. This is because you are faced with a competition with millions of other websites and to outrank them overnight is not possible.

4) When is the best time to hire an SEO firm?
The best time to hire an SEO firm is when you want to redesign your website or want to launch a new website into the market. In this way, you can ensure that a search engine friendly website is designed. Additionally, it is also a good idea to avail SEO services when you feel that your ranking is low and you want to gain more visibility by showing on the top of the search results. However, it is important to research well before hiring an SEO firm to avoid unethical SEO practices.

5) Do I need to optimize each page of my website?
Yes. We recommend that you optimize each page of your website because when a search is performed in the search engine, the probability of the optimized pages related to those keywords showing is much higher when compared to pages that are not optimized. Also, every page of your site can be a potential point of entry for visitors. People often tend to overlook the fact that their home page is not the only significant page of their site.

6) Can I do search engine optimization by myself?
SEO is a time consuming and tedious process which requires a lot of time, effort, expertise, personnel to perform the task, knowledge of the industry, etc, which can easily outweigh the cost involved in hiring a professional SEO firm. Therefore, it would be a good option to outsource it to a company that specializes in it and allocate your time and resources towards your other core business operations.

However, for your convenience, we have devised an SEO package which helps you to implement SEO on your website or blog all by yourself. Our "Do It Yourself SEO" is a super opportunity which guides you step by step in performing SEO in no time. It is simple, easy to understand, user friendly and very economical. Grab your package now and become a self expert in SEO.

7) How do I know whether my business improves with a high ranking?
In order to track the success of your SEO campaign, you can use various web analytics tools that are available. With these tools you can analyze and gauge the effectiveness and performance of your campaign.

The advantage of a high ranking is that when a user searches for a product or service, the chances of him browsing through the first few sites on the first page of search results page is very high when compared to the sites on the following pages. When your website appears on the top, it gains more visibility and stands a very high chance of getting real time traffic. With increased traffic, you can expect a boost in your business and ROI as well.

8) Does my website have to be repeatedly resubmitted to show on the Search Engines?
It is not necessary to resubmit your web pages continually because the spider will keep crawling through your website and this frequency will also increase when you update your content regularly. Also, resubmission of website does not ensure specific rankings.

9) How can directory listing help in improving my Search Engine rankings?
If your website is not indexed how would the Search Engine spider identify your website? Submitting your website URL to various directories is one of the first steps that help in indexing your website. Once your website is indexed, the spider will crawl through it and a Page Rank is obtained according to the algorithm of that search engine.

10) How much time does it take to get listed in directories?
The amount of time it will take for your site to get listed in directories will depend from directory to directory. However, this process usually takes around 2 weeks to a month.

11) How will I know if my website has been properly listed?
At SEO Traffic Spider, we gather all the details that are required by the directory and then submit your website to that directory. This ensures that your directory submission is successful and not rejected. Additionally, you also have an option of visiting the directory directly where your site has been listed and can search for your website using the search option. However, this process will be very tedious and time consuming.

12) Where is SEO Traffic Spider located?
SEO Traffic Spider is based in India.

13) How do I hire your Traffic Spider?
You can sign up for any of our packages by clicking on the “Buy Now” link on the ‘Sign Up’ page. This page gives you the details of the work performed under each package and when you click on the "Buy Now" link, you will be taken to our payment gateway.

14) How do I send the task details to my Traffic Spider?
Once you sign up for our service, an account manager will get in touch with you within 48 hours. He will be your single point of contact for any of the tasks assigned to him for your campaign.

15) How soon will you begin working on my campaign?
Once you sign up for our package and make the payment, our account manager will get in touch with you. He will conduct a thorough research of your site and also understand your requirements. Having done this, he will then collate all the information in a form that contains your requirements and our research details and will forward this to you for your approval. Once you approve it, we will immediately start working on your campaign. Also, your billing cycle will commence on the day we begin work on your campaign.

16) Whom can I contact for any issues that I may have regarding the work done for my campaign?
Since your account manager will be your single and sole point of contact, you can feel free to contact him for any issues that you may encounter during your association with us.

17) Will I get my money back on canceling my subscription?
There will be no cash refund. However, we will continue to work on your campaign for that particular month and no subscription fee will be charged for the subsequent month.

18) Can I carry forward my unused hours of the current month to the next month?
Yes. You can use your unused hours of a specific month in the next month.

19) Will there be a procedure to check my results?
Yes. Your results will be emailed to you on a regular basis.

20) Can SEO Traffic Spider guarantee a #1 ranking in Search Engines?
No one can guarantee a # 1 ranking or a specific ranking for your website on any search engine for any given keyword. This is because there are several factors like change in search engine algorithms, changes in competitors website content, new website additions, etc, that are beyond human control. Also, companies that claim to guarantee you a specific ranking may end up optimizing your website for uncompetitive keywords that are hardly searched by users. Therefore, it is important that you hire an SEO company that does not make false claims or guarantees a # 1 ranking.

21) Do you use any Black Hat SEO techniques?
No. SEO Traffic Spider optimizes websites using ethically correct and legitimate techniques only to achieve top rankings in the search results. We recommend that you avoid SEO companies that employ black hat tactics as these will cause your website to be banned or penalized by search engines.